CLI Intro: Useful General-Purpose Commands

 tuxarena: Here I will talk about several useful commands, which may be needed on a day to day basis if you're working with the shell.

How to configure HTTP load balancer with HAProxy on Linux

 xmodulo: Increased demand on web based applications and services are putting more and more weight on the shoulders of IT administrators.

elementary OS: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

 softpedia: Something else is happening with this operating system, something that is not fully understood.

How an iOS developer transitioned to Android

 ITworld: What happens when a longtime iOS developer decides to try his hand at programming for Android?

pcDuino SBC adopts i.MX6 Quad, loads up on storage

 LinuxGizmos: LinkSprite unveiled a "pcDuino Acadia 1" SBC that runs Linux or Android on a 1.2GHz Freescale i.MX6 Quad SoC and features eMMC flash and dual microSD slots.

Google Threatened With $100 Million Lawsuit Over Hacked Celebrity Pictures -

eWEEK The impact of the hacked Apple iCloud images spreads to Google, but is the search giant actually responsible?

IBM Expands POWER8 Server Portfolio with Ubuntu Linux

ServerWatch: IBM today is expanding its POWER8 server lineup as part of the company's continuing effort to provide a competitive alternative Intel x86 based server systems.

Object Oriented Linux Kernel With C++ Driver Support

An anonymous reader writes: An effort underway called BOSS-MOOL, the Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux, is designing the Linux kernel with OOP and C++ driver support. Linus Torvalds' opinions on C++ have long been known while developers at the DOS Lab IIT Madras and CDAC Chennai feel redesigning the kernel with object oriented abstractions and C++ driver support will increase maintainability while reducing complexity of the kernel.

Steam Now Has Over 700 Linux Games, What A Milestone!

 GamingOnLinux: I remember the days of old when "Linux has no games!" was a common argument against using it.

Calibre 2.5 Released, Shipping Bug Fixes and Three New Features

 tuxarena: Calibre, the document viewer and organizer (also called an e-library), has received another major update

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