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2 Photo Managers That Tie Features Into Neat Little Bundles

LinuxInsider: "When I first eyeballed the apps digiKam and Shotwell, I saw the former as being far more intricate and professional-looking. But first looks can be deceiving. Shotwell's features and advantages are initially less obvious."

China and the Year of the GNU/Linux Desktop

Computerworld UK: "It's an old joke by now that this year will be the year of the GNU/Linux desktop – just like last year, and the year before that. But now there's a new twist: that this year will be the year of the GNU/Linux smartphone – with the difference that it's really happening."

Victorinox "Swiss Army" USB Flash Drives

Jamie's Mostly Linux Stuff: "My basic selection criteria was very simple - besides the capacity, it must not have any knife or scissors which would cause me problems when taking it in my backpack on commercial flights."

Microsoft OpenSource Platform Project

Network World: "Basically, the idea is to allow open source developers and users to better take advantage of the Windows operating system by creating a set of tools that behave similar to what is on Linux and UNIX machines"

Linux Syncs Great With Droids

Linux Planet: "Traditional mobile phone carriers love to play games with syncing phones to PCs. But it's a new game now with Android---There are many ways to sync your Droid phone with your Linux PC, all easy and using standard Linux applications. Paul Ferrill shows us how."

10 best Linux distros for 2010

TechRadar: "This is why the answer to the question, of which distribution is best for you, changes with the tides, and why we're keen to keep on top of distribution developments. What follows is our recommendations for this year, split by typical users. Try them yourself. They're all free."

Retouching photos (2/2)

Sander's Photography blog: "In my last post, I commented on the general possibilities of how one can refine their photos using Aperture or digiKam. In this post, I discuss what tools are available for retouching and how easy it was to use these."

What does Oracle plan for Sun’s open-source projects?

Cyber Cynic: "Oracle has decided to let OpenSolaris die by benign neglect. It's also a policy that they're using with other Sun open-source projects."

GSmartControl - Useful Hard Disk Drive Health Inspection Tool For Linux

Tech Drive-in: "GSmartControl is a really useful Linux app to check the health of your hard disk drive. GSmartControl is basically a graphical user interface for smartctl, which is a tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data on modern hard disk drives."

Fortune cookie says: To succeed, you must share. "The last time you ate Chinese food, you probably weren't thinking about open source development. But according to Jennifer 8. Lee, author of “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles,” the food on your plate arrived there in precisely that way."

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