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Don't Be Too Quick to Dismiss Open Core

IT World: "I've been taking some shots at open core lately, because I've come to the realization there are inherent flaws in this business model as it relates to open source."

Weekly Ten: Microsoft's New Slogan: Hey, It Could Be Worse, $200 Linux PC, Cloud Cracks WPA

Tech Source: "In 2008, I speculated about the future of distributed security cracking. That future has arrived, in the form of a $17 “cloud” based service provided through the efforts of a security researcher known as Moxie Marlinspike."

Three Sysadmin Rules You Can't (And Shouldn't) Break

The Geek Stuff: "When I drafted this article, I really came-up with 7 sysadmin habits. But, out of those 7 habits, three really stood out for me."

Python Development Masterclass

Linux User and Developer: "Mostly seen as a scripting language for system administrators, it is actually capable of doing almost everything and beyond the limitations of regular programming languages. Python started its life as a time-saver programming language."

"Can Open Source be secure" BCS riposte

Advogato: "Experts do not agree about open source security in terms of whether there is an advantage or disadvantage to its use in the business world"

Irssi - A Really Good Terminal Based IRC Client For Linux

Tech Drive-in: "The only IRC client I ever used was XChat. I decided to try something different and Irssi client was a great find. Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for Unix systems and is probably the best I have used till now"

Benchmarking ZFS On FreeBSD vs. EXT4 & Btrfs On Linux

Phoronix: "ZFS is often looked upon as an advanced, superior file-system and one of the strong points of the Solaris/OpenSolaris platform while most feel that only recently has Linux been able to catch-up on the file-system front with EXT4 and the still-experimental Btrfs."

Sunbird: Your Calendar, Your Way

LinuxInsider: "Mozilla's Sunbird gives you customization options for the interface as well as a rich set of under-the-hood controls for setting up where, how and when the application gets its information."

Living the Linux Lifestyle

Why do some people choose to run Linux as their PC platform of choice while others opt instead for other ways of running their computing experiences?

Is Linux Just Another Unix Flavor?

PC World: "But, is the Linux operating system just another flavor of the Unix operating system? Yes. But, it's also much more."

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