Fotoxx -- the Greatest Little Linux Photo Editor You've Never Heard Of

Linux Planet: "F-spot, shotwell, solang -- some distros are arguing about what should be the default "simpler than GIMP" image editor. But there's one that never seems to get mentioned and deserves a look: fotoxx"

GUADEC: Danny O'Brien on privacy, encryption, and the desktop "The problems that many in the online and free software worlds have been concerned about for years are finally becoming mainstream he said. "Powerful forces are trying to stop the spread of information online", and that message is finally starting to get out."

Adobe Still Shafts Linux With H.264 GPU Decoding

Phoronix: "At first it looked like the Linux Flash Player might use VDPAU for video decoding, but that never ended up materializing. Instead, Adobe's main Linux engineer just ranted about the Linux video APIs on his blog (he did this twice in fact)."

LinuxCon: What Is the Future of Linux Development?

Linux Planet: "Top Linux kernel developers detail what's next for Linux, and why the bar has been raised to become a kernel contributor."

The anti-Justin Bieber tool — and 5 more bizarre Firefox add-ons

The Week: "Want to delete all mentions of Justin Bieber while you web-browse? Or cover up all BP references with an oily stain? Consider these odd Firefox add-ons"

Free Technology Academy working to offer more Free Software online teaching

Stop: "The Free Technology Academy (FTA) is an international institution based in Europe, whose goal is to provide online education, at master level, about Free Software. I recently spoke with Wouter Tebbens, president of the Free Knowledge Institute and FTA director, to know how the FTA works and what are its plans for the next year."

Open Source Business Intelligence Software Ranked by Analysts

eCRM Guide: "A Forrester Research report on open source business intelligence (BI) software released yesterday gave high marks to Actuate's (NASDAQ: ACTU) commercial distribution of BIRT (the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools project)."

AMD Gets Back To Working On The Geode Linux Driver

Phoronix: "Martin-Éric Racine has just announced the release candidate of the X.Org Geode 2.11.9 driver in preparations for the X.Org 7.6 Katamari."

Is the Linux Kernel In Trouble?

OStatic: "Does Linux kernel development face a crisis in the coming years? That was one of the topics of discussion at LinuxCon this week, and the concern has been raised before."

Death of the Desktop Take II

Montana Linux: "What makes someone a winner and what makes someone a loser? Linux on the desktop has tens of millions of users. While that might not be double-digit market share it is still a significant number of users."

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