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Using the Synaptic Package Manager to Ease Installations

On Debian based systems, or any that use Synaptic for package management, you can use Synaptic to help you setup multiple systems with the same software.

Webopedia Term of the Day: Direct Web Remoting

Webopedia: "Direct Web Remoting (DWR) is a Java open source library for those wanting to develop Web sites which contain Ajax."

Canonical's Four Most Critical Ubuntu Partners (So Far)

The VAR Guy: "Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, continues to build its channel partner program. Although the effort isn't generating headlines yet, solutions providers can measure Canonical's progress by keeping their eyes on four key Ubuntu partners."

Lessig and Leveraging FLOSS For Ethical Copyright

Brendan Scott's Weblog: "I went to the Copyright Future: Copyright Freedom Conference that QUT put on at the end of May at Old Parliament House. The conference included a lot of interesting talks by a lot of academics in the copyright sphere, mainly concerned with the reform of copyright law."

The G:Mini 3.0 is Released

GoblinX Project: "The GoblinX Project is proud to announce the release of the new stable g:Mini distribution. The g:Mini 3.0 is released. The g:Mini formerly known as ‘GoblinX Mini Edition‘ is the son of GoblinX and contains only XFCE as the windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications."

Minirok 2.0 - Minimalist Audio Player for KDE4

TuxArena: "Written in Python, Minirok is a minimalist audio player which ships with a simple and intuitive interface, which kind of resembles the Amarok 1.4 interface, except all the major features were removed."

Windows 7: Microsoft vs. the PC Makers

BusinessWeek: "A battle is shaping up over the pricing of the next version of Windows as both sides struggle to profit while hardware prices fall and sales stay flat."

Thunderbird Fixes Vulnerabilities

The Mozilla developers have announced the release of Thunderbird, fixing several security vulnerabilities in the open source email client...

Interview with Robert Lange, Co-founder and Lead Developer of VectorLinux

DistroWatch: "VectorLinux is one of the most popular Linux distributions based on Slackware, the oldest surviving Linux distribution."

NVIDIA Eschews Android and Linux, Prefers Windows for Tegra

Linux Magazine Online: "Despite NVIDIA still working with Google to accelerate Android, Rayfield (general manager of NVIDIA's mobile business unit) felt that Linux-based Android is optimized mainly for mobile phone displays."

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