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GCC 4.9.0 release candidate available

The GCC 4.9.0 release candidate is available for testing; the final 4.9.0
release is expected to happen on April 22. The list of new features
in this release is quite long; see this page for details.

A cash crunch at the GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation has announced that, due to cash flow problems, it is
freezing all non-essential expenditures. "The issue has been caused by a number of factors. These include
increased administrative overheads in the last few years due to the
increased turnover which has been caused by to the Outreach Program
for Women (OPW), and the associated payments going out while the
associated income has been slow to come in." See the FAQ
for more information.

Numerical Python (Linux Journal)

The Linux Journal digs into the
NumPy Python extension
"The key element that NumPY introduces is an N-dimensional array
object. The great flexibility of Python lists, allowing all sorts of
different types of elements, comes at a computational cost. NumPY arrays
deal with this cost by introducing restrictions. Arrays can be
multidimensional, and they must all be the same data type. Once this is
done, you can start to take some shortcuts by taking advantage of the fact
that you already know what the type of the elements is.

Raspberry Pi Foundation announces a new, small-and-modular form factor

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a forthcoming addition to the Pi lineup, the "Pi Compute Module," which is "a Raspberry Pi shrunk down to fit on a SODIMM with onboard memory, whose connectors you can customise for your own needs." The form factor is intended for those who are going to create their own boards on which to attach the module, although there will be a breakout board designed by the Foundation as well.

Friday's security updates

Debian has updated jbigkit
(code execution).

Mandriva has updated a2ps
(BS1: code execution).

openSUSE has updated squid (11.4: denial of service).

SUSE has updated puppet
(SLES11 SP2–3, SLED11 SP3: code execution).

OSI Board Changes 2014

At the Open Source Initiative (OSI) blog, OSI President Simon Phipps announces the organization's new board members. "Three of the vacancies were allocated for filling by people selected by the Individual Members, and the other was assigned to the Affiliate Members (comprising open source related non-profit organisations).

Thursday's security updates

CentOS has updated samba4
(C6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated imagemagick (code execution) and openafs (multiple vulnerabilities).

Mandriva has updated file
(BS1: denial of service), perl-YAML-LibYAML (BS1: multiple
vulnerabilities), php (BS1: denial of

Notes from the Python Language Summit

Guido van Rossum has posted his notes from the just-concluded Python
Language Summit in Montreal. "We (I) still don't want to do a 2.8 release, and I don't want to
accelerate 3.5, but I do think we should make things better for people who
have to straddle Python 2 and 3 in a single codebase, by developing more
tools, and by security and possibly installer updates to 2.7 (PEP
466)." See the
for notes from other participants as well.

[$] LWN.net Weekly Edition for April 10, 2014

The LWN.net Weekly Edition for April 10, 2014 is available.

[$] Project updates from Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

Last week we took a brief look at the many new projects that were
represented on the initial day of Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) 2014 in

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