Firefox 32

Firefox 32 has been released. This version adds new HTTP cache for
improved performance and crash recovery, public key pinning support has
been enabled, and much more. See the release
for details.

[$] Supporting filesystems in persistent memory

For a few years now, we have been told that upcoming non-volatile memory (NVM)
devices are going to change how we use our systems. These devices provide
large amounts (possibly terabytes) of memory that is persistent and that
can be
accessed at RAM speeds. Just what we will do with so much persistent
memory is not entirely clear, but it is starting to come into focus.

The GNOME Foundation's 2013 annual report

The GNOME Foundation has put out its annual report for 2013 as a
24-page PDF file
. "As you will see when you read this annual
report, there have been a lot of great things that have happened for the
GNOME Foundation during this period. Two new companies joined our advisory
board, the Linux Foundation and Private Internet Access. The work funded by
our accessibility campaign was completed and we ran a successful campaign
for privacy.

Tuesday's security updates

CentOS has updated glibc (C7; C6; C5: two vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated lua5.1 (code
execution), lua5.2 (code execution), and openjdk-7 (regression in previous update).

Fedora has updated cas-client
(F20: security constraints bypass

The first LuneOS release

LuneOS is the new name for the mobile system once known as WebOS; the first
is available for brave testers now. "The main focus of
LuneOS is to provide an operating system which is driven by the community
and continues what we love(d) about webOS.

Poettering: Revisiting how we put together Linux systems

Lennart Poettering has posted a
lengthy writeup
of a plan put together by the "systemd cabal" (his
words) to rework Linux software distribution. It is based heavily on
namespaces and Btrfs snapshots. "Now, with the name-spacing concepts
we introduced above, we can actually relatively freely mix and match apps
and OSes, or develop against specific frameworks in specific versions on
any operating system.

Kernel prepatch 3.17-rc3

The 3.17 development cycle continues with the release of 3.17-rc3. "As expected, it is larger
than rc2, since people are clearly getting back from their Kernel Summit
travels etc. But happily, it's not *much* larger than rc2 was, and there's
nothing particularly odd going on, so I'm going to just ignore the whole
'it's summer' argument, and hope that things are just going that

Yahoo to stop development on YUI library

Yahoo has announced
its decision to halt the development of Yahoo User Interface library (YUI),
its open-source JavaScript library for writing HTML application
interfaces. In the announcement, the company cites the rise in
popularity of Node.JS, which has changed how developers build HTML
applications, as have recent changes in package management and
web application frameworks.

Friday's security updates

Debian has updated squid3
(denial of service).

Fedora has updated glibc
(F20: multiple vulnerabilities), GraphicsMagick (F20: code execution), gtk3 (F20: screen lock bypass),
perl-Plack (F19; F20: information disclosure), phpMyAdmin (F19: multiple

Linux Foundation creates a new storage and filesystems conference: Vault

The Linux Foundation has announced a new conference called "Vault" that will focus on storage and filesystems for Linux. It will be co-located with the annual invitation-only Linux Storage, Filesystem and Memory Management Summit and will be held March 11-12, 2015 at the Revere Hotel in Boston.

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