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The 3.14 kernel is out

Linus has released the 3.14 kernel.
"So we had a few fairly late changes that I could have done without,
but the changelog from -rc8 is still pretty small, and I'm feeling
pretty good about it all."
Headline features in this release include
user-space lock debugging,
the deadline scheduler,
event triggers in the tracing subsystem,

the zram swap subsystem, and


Sailfish OS builds available for Nexus 4

Owners of Nexus 4 mobile phones now have yet another open source operating system that they can install: Sailfish OS, the Maemo/MeeGo descendant being developed by the team at Jolla. As a post at JollaUsers.com notes, an email went out to mailing list subscribers announcing the availability of "Early Adopter" Sailfish OS images for the Nexus 4.

Friday's security updates

Debian has updated postfixadmin (privilege escalation).

Fedora has updated kernel (F19; F20:
multiple vulnerabilities) and samba
(F19: multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated kernel (multiple vulnerabilities).

Best Quotes from the Linux Kernel Developer Panel (Linux.com)

Linux.com presents
a few quotes
from the Kernel Developer Panel at the Linux Foundation Collaboration
. Kernel developers Greg Kroah-Hartman, Jens Axboe, Dave
Chinner, Matthew Garrett, and Mel Gorman participated in the panel
discussion, moderated by Jon Corbet.

Thursday's security advisories

CentOS has updated samba (C6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated libxalan2-java (information disclosure/code execution), libyaml (code execution), libyaml-libyaml-perl (code execution), ruby-actionmailer-3.2 (denial of service), and ruby-actionpack-3.2 (multiple vulnerabilities).


[$] LWN.net Weekly Edition for March 27, 2014

The LWN.net Weekly Edition for March 27, 2014 is available.

Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory Management Summit coverage

Somewhat more than half of LWN's coverage of this year's LSFMM Summit is
now available. Subscribers can have a
look at a wide range of topics that were discussed on March 24 and 25 in
Napa, California. More coverage will be
added to the page as it becomes available.

[$] Facebook and the kernel

As one of the plenary sessions on the first day of the Linux Storage, Filesystem, and
Memory Management (LSFMM) Summit,
Btrfs developer Chris Mason presented on how his new employer, Facebook,
uses the Linux kernel. He shared some of the eye-opening numbers that
demonstrate just how much processing Facebook does using Linux, along with
some of the "pain points" the company has with the kernel.
Subscribers can click below for a report on the talk from this week's edition.

GNOME 3.12 Released

GNOME 3.12 is out. "This is an exciting release for GNOME, and
brings many new features and improvements, including app folders, enhanced
system status and high-resolution display support. This release also
includes new and redesigned applications for video, software, editing,
sound recording and internet relay chat.

Under the hood, support for using Wayland instead of X has progressed
significantly." More information can be found in the release notes.

Security updates for Wednesday

CentOS has updated kernel (C6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Gentoo has updated libupnp (multiple vulnerabilities).

openSUSE has updated firefox
(13.1, 12.3: multiple vulnerabilities), lighttpd (13.1, 12.3: two vulnerabilities),
and nginx (13.1: code execution).

Oracle has updated kernel

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