Linus 3.17-rc4

Video from the GNU Tools Cauldron

Videos from the 2014 GNU
Tools Cauldron
(July 18-20, Cambridge, UK) have now been posted.
Topics covered vary from ABI compatibility checking, GCC/LLVM
collaboration, and just-in-time compilation to performance testing and
debugging issues.

Stable kernels 3.16.2, 3.14.18, and 3.10.54

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the latest batch of stable kernels: 3.16.2, 3.14.18, and 3.10.54. As usual, these new kernels contain fixes throughout
the tree; users of these series should upgrade.

Call for organizers: 2015 Linux Plumbers Conference

Each year, the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board seeks an
organizing committee for the annual Linux Plumbers Conference. That
process has now begun for the 2015 event, which will be held during the
week of August 17-21 in Seattle, Washington, alongside the LinuxCon North
America event. This is your chance to put your stamp on one of our
community's most important gatherings.

Friday's security updates

Debian has updated procmail
(code execution).

Mageia has updated firefox,
(multiple vulnerabilities), graphicsmagick (denial of service), libgcrypt (key extraction), libtorrent-rasterbar (information leak),
net-snmp (denial of service), php (mul

LLVM 3.5 released

Version 3.5 of the LLVM compiler system is out. There is support for a
number of new architecture versions and more. "Clang makes a considerable jump forward as well, including new warnings and
better support for new standards: in addition to full support for the
recently completed C++’14 standard, it includes initial support for 'C++1z'

[$] LWN.net Weekly Edition for September 5, 2014

The LWN.net Weekly Edition for September 5, 2014 is available.

Thursday's security advisories

CentOS has updated xulrunner (C7: two
vulnerabilities), firefox (C7; C6; C5: two
vulnerabilities), httpcomponents-client
(C7: SSL server spoofing), kernel (C5:
denial of service), squid (C6; C5: two denial of

[$] LuneOS tries to keep webOS alive

Even the most dedicated watchers of mobile operating systems may have been
surprised recently when a distribution called "LuneOS" announced
its first release (code-named "Affogato"). LuneOS, it turns out, is a
version of webOS, a mobile
operating system originally created by Palm. WebOS has had a bit of a
troubled history, but it still has a dedicated following of users and
developers. LuneOS is another attempt to turn webOS into a useful system
for those users.

Security advisories for Wednesday

Debian has updated iceweasel (multiple vulnerabilities) and php-cas (security constraints bypass).

Mandriva has updated busybox (denial of service/possible code execution) and php (multiple vulnerabilities).

openSUSE has updated enigmail
(11.4: information leak).

Red Hat has updated d

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