Native ZFS Port for Linux (OSNews)

OSNews is reporting that employees at the Lawrence Livermore (US) National Laboratory have ported Sun/Oracle's ZFS filesystem to Linux. The kernel module is distributed in source form to work around the licensing incompatibility between the CDDL and GPL. "Main developer Brian Behlendorf has also stated that the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has repeatedly urged Oracle to do something about the licensing situation so that ZFS can become a part of the kernel. 'We have been working on this for some time now and have been strongly urging Sun/Oracle to make a change to the licensing,' he explains, 'I'm sorry to say we have not yet had any luck.' [...] There's still some major work to be done, so this is not production-ready code. The ZFS Posix Layer has not been implemented yet, therefore mounting file systems is not yet possible; direct database access, however, is."