Editor's Note: Open Source Is Not Going To Sue You (Linux Today)

Because of the scary article about open source licensing, that we reported on last week, Linux Today editor Carla Schroder tracked down Stormy Peters to get her side. As one would guess, Peters did not think she had been quoted quite correctly. Schroder looks at the five steps Peters outlines without seeing anything too terrifying. "See anything radical here? Seems pretty common-sense to me, and a lot friendlier than having to install a licensing server to calculate how much you will be bled for eleventeen different types of server, user, CPU, per-node, per-host, per-seat, per-core, and so on licenses. Or having software that phones home to the mothership, and is always looking for excuses to not work. Not to mention giving a green light to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) to audit you at any time, at your expense, to make sure you aren't in compliance so they can whack you with massive fines."