Taylor: Benchmarking compositor performance

On his blog, Owen Taylor investigates compositor performance. "Now, this immediately gets us to a sticky problem: there are no mechanisms to throttle application frame rate to the compositor frame rate on the X desktop. Any app that is doing animations or video, or anything else, is just throwing frames out there and hoping for the best. Really, doing compositor benchmarks before we fix that problem is just pointless. Luckily, there's a workaround that we can use to get some numbers out in the short term — the same damage extension that compositors use to find out when a window has been redrawn and has to be recomposited to the screen can also be used to monitor the changes that the compositor is making to the screen. (Screen-scraping VNC servers like Vino use this technique to find out what they need to send out over the wire.) So, our benchmark application can draw a frame, and then look for damage events on the root window to see when the drawing they've done has taken effect."