Paley: Why are the Freedoms guaranteed for Free Software not guaranteed for Free Culture?

Here is a
"rantifesto" from Nina Paley
, who is frustrated that the freedoms
guaranteed by free software licenses aren't always present in other types
of works. "Cultural works released by the Free Software Foundation
come with 'No Derivatives' restrictions... The problem with this is that
it is dead wrong. You do not know what purposes your works might serve
others. You do not know how works might be found 'practical' by others. To
claim to understand the limits of 'utility' of cultural works betrays an
irrational bias toward software and against all other creative work. It is
anti-Art, valuing software above the rest of culture. It says coders alone
are entitled to Freedom, but everyone else can suck it. Use of -ND
restrictions is an unjustifiable infringement on the freedom of
others." (Thanks to Davide Del Vento).