Security advisories for Monday

Debian has updated icedove (multiple
vulnerabilities), mantis (multiple
vulnerabilities), xen (multiple
vulnerabilities), dhcpcd (remote code
execution) and python-crypto (insecure key

Fedora has updated F16:
(group policy restriction).

Gentoo has updated taglib (multiple
vulnerabilities), virtualenv (symlink
attack), gnutls (multiple vulnerabilities),
nvidia-drivers (privilege escalation), gdk-pixbuf (denial of service), adobe-flash (multiple vulnerabilities), samba (multiple vulnerabilities), pycrypto (insecure key generation), tomcat (multiple vulnerabilities), apache (multiple vulnerabilities), rpm (multiple vulnerabilities) and mini_httpd (code execution).

Mandriva has updated mozilla
(multiple vulnerabilities) and rsyslog
(denial of service).

openSUSE has updated python-httplib2
(use of incorrect certificates).

Oracle has updated enterprise kernel OL6; OL5:
multiple vulnerabilities).