Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated C5: libwpd (code

Fedora has updated F16: mysql
(authentication bypass).

Red Hat has updated RHEL6.1: kernel
(multiple vulnerabilities), RHEL5:
(code execution), php (RHEL5; RHEL6:
multiple vulnerabilities) and RHEL5: php53
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated 11.04: unity-2d
(fixes a problem with Thunderbird under unity-2d), 11.04: thunderbird (multiple vulnerabilities),
11.04; 11.10; 10.04 LTS: network-manager
(insecure WPA AdHoc connections) and 11.04;
11.10; 10.04 LTS: network-manager-applet
(insecure WPA AdHoc