Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated C6: openssh
(denial of service), C6: openldap (denial
of service), C6: cifs-utils (file existence
disclosure flaw), C6: xorg-x11-server
(xserver locking vulnerabilities), C6: sos
(privilege escalation), C6: nss (multiple
vulnerabilities), C6: sblim-cim-client2
(predictable hash collisions), C6:
(plain text password disclosure), C6: java (multiple vulnerabilities), C6: postgresql (multiple vulnerabilities), C6: libtiff (code execution), C6: php (multiple vulnerabilities) and C6: kernel (denial of service).

Fedora has updated F17: mod_security
(modsecurity multipart bypasses), F17:
(modsecurity core rule set multipart bypasses), F16: wireshark (multiple denial of service
vulnerabilities) and F16: clamav (multiple

openSUSE has updated mysql
(authentication bypass), python3 (data
leaks, memory damage, and crash), libgdata
(insufficient certificate verification), bind (11.4; 12.1:
domain name resolving flaw), opera
(multiple vulnerabilities) and pidgin
(denial of service).

Red Hat has updated openjpeg (code