Valve: Steam’d Penguins

Valve Software, the company behind the Steam game engine, has formed a
Linux team and the team has a new weblog. From the first post:
"For some time, Gabe has been
interested in the possibility of moving Steam and the Source game engine to
Linux. At the time, the company was already using Linux by supporting
Linux-based servers for Source-based games and also by maintaining several
internal servers (running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu server) for various
projects. In 2011, based on the success of those efforts and conversations
in the hallway, we decided to take the next step and form a new team. At
that time, the team only consisted of a few people whose main purpose was
investigating the possibility of moving the Steam client and Left 4 Dead 2
over to Ubuntu." There are plans to support other distributions in
the future.