Security advisories for Thursday

CentOS has updated glibc (C5;
C6: code execution) and pidgin (C5; C6:
multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated nsd3 (denial of

Fedora has updated openstack-nova (F16; F17:
privilege escalation) and kdepim (F17: disable code
execution by default in HTML email).

Mageia has updated wordpress
(multiple vulnerabilities), python (M1: multiple vulnerabilities), python (M2: information disclosure), busybox (M1: two code execution flaws), busybox (M2: code execution), firefox (multiple vulnerabilities), and thunderbird (multiple vulnerabilities).

openSUSE has updated puppet
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated kernel (OL5; OL6: two
denial-of-service flaws), firefox (OL5; OL6:
multiple vulnerabilities), thunderbird
(OL6: multiple vulnerabilities), nss, nspr
(OL5: denial of service), nss, nspr,
(OL6: denial of service), and glibc (OL5; OL6: code execution).

Red Hat has updated pidgin (multiple

Scientific Linux has updated glibc (SL5; SL6: code

Slackware has updated libexif
(multiple vulnerabilities), firefox
(multiple vulnerabilities), seamonkey
(multiple vulnerabilities), and thunderbird
(multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated pidgin, finch, libpurple (code

Ubuntu has updated libtiff (code
execution) and kdepim (disable code
execution by default in HTML email).