HealthCheck Mandriva - Rebooting the company (The H)

Over at The H, Richard Hillesley has an in-depth look at the history and future of Mandriva, both the company and the distribution. "Mandriva is hoping that 'contributors will come to the new distribution because it will be a fun place to be. The new distribution will bring very much the same care for the end user that the Mandriva line of distributions have always brought, and will hope to be as technically advanced as Fedora,' says [Charles H.] Schulz, 'and this will be exciting and new.' Mandriva the company will contribute but does not expect to be in charge. 'We're not going to hog the governance. We won't be the ones that decide,' says Schulz. There has already been a community proposal for hosting the servers, and Mandriva and Rosa Labs will also contribute some servers, 'but we prefer to lead by example rather than domination.'"