This Cute Chat Site Could Save Your Life And Help Overthrow Your Government (Wired)

Wired writes about (or Cryptocat), which is an AGPL3-licensed browser-based AES-256-encrypted chat program. It was created by 21-year-old Nadim Kobeissi, who is originally from Beirut, Lebanon and now goes to college in Montréal, Canada. "But Kobeissi also knows that it’s equally important that Cryptocat be usable and pretty. Kobeissi wants Cryptocat to be something you want to use, not just need to. Encrypted chat tools have existed for years — but have largely stayed in the hands of geeks, who usually aren’t the ones most likely to need strong crypto. 'Security is not just good crypto. It’s very important to have good crypto, and audit it. Security is not possible without (that), but security is equally impossible without making it accessible.'"