Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated C5: xen (denial
of service), C6: krb5 (denial of service)
and C6: icedtea-web (code execution).

Debian has updated krb5 (multiple

Mandriva has updated krb5 (denial of

openSUSE has updated wireshark
(remote denial of service), vte/gnome-terminal (multiple vulnerabilities),
libjpeg-turbo (code execution), gnome-terminal (denial of service), libpng14 (denial of service) and seamonkey (multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated bind (OL6;
OL5: denial of service), OL5: bind97 (denial of service), OL6: krb5 (denial of service), OL6: icedtea-web (code execution) and OL5: xen (denial of service).

Red Hat has updated kernel (denial
of service), xen (denial of service), krb5 (denial of service) and icedtea-web (code execution).

Scientific Linux has updated SL6:
(code execution), SL6: krb5
(denial of service) and SL5: xen (denial of

Ubuntu has updated krb5 (multiple
vulnerabilities) and icedtea-web (code