Security advisories for Monday

Debian has updated isc-dhcp
(problem in the previous update), libxml2
(denial of service) and fckeditor
(cross-site scripting).

Fedora has updated php (F17;
F16: unspecified vulnerability),
maniadrive (F17; F16: unspecified vulnerability), F16: php-eaccelerator (unspecified
vulnerability), xen (F17; F16: denial of service), F17: krb5 (multiple vulnerabilities), F16: kernel (information disclosure), F17: glpi (multiple vulnerabilities), F17: glpi-data-injection (multiple
vulnerabilities), F17: glpi-mass-ocs-import
(multiple vulnerabilities), F17: glpi-pdf
(multiple vulnerabilities) and F16: dhcp
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated krb5 (denial of
service), opera (multiple vulnerabilities)
and icedtea-web (code execution).

Mandriva has updated libreoffice
(code execution), (code
execution) and wireshark (remote denial of

openSUSE has updated rhythmbox (code
execution) and tiff (code execution).

Ubuntu has updated nvidia-graphics-drivers (privilege escalation).