Security advisories for Monday

Debian has updated libotr (code

Fedora has updated django (F17; F16:
multiple vulnerabilities), F16: libreoffice
(code execution) and bugzilla (F17;
F16: information leak).

Mageia has updated dropbear (code
execution), wireshark (1; 2: denial of service), dokuwiki (cross-site scripting), python3 (data leaks, memory damage, and
crash), gypsy (multiple vulnerabilities),
icecast (forged log entries), openttd (denial of service), libxml2 (denial of service), ettercap (insecure settings file), 1: acpid (multiple vulnerabilities) and 2: acpid (privilege escalation).

Mandriva has updated 2011.0; ES5.0:
(multiple vulnerabilities), 2011.0:
(correction for previous advisory), openldap (denial of service) and libotr (code execution).

openSUSE has updated icedtea-web
(code execution and bug fixes) and icedtea-web (code execution).

SUSE has updated puppet (multiple
vulnerabilities) and mysql (multiple

Ubuntu has updated OMAP kernel (12.04 LTS; 11.04; 11.10:
multiple vulnerabilities), kernel (12.04
; 11.04; 11.10; 10.04
: multiple vulnerabilities) and 10.04
LTS: EC2 kernel
(multiple vulnerabilities).