Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated C6: kernel
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated icedove (multiple
vulnerabilities) and python-django
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Gentoo has updated socat (code
execution), puppet (multiple
vulnerabilities), chromium (multiple
vulnerabilities), gajim (multiple
vulnerabilities), Config-IniFiles (insecure
temporary files) and libgdata (insufficient
certificate verification).

openSUSE has updated libvirt (remote
denial of service), opera (multiple
vulnerabilities) and chromium (multiple

Red Hat has updated RHEL6: kernel
(multiple vulnerabilities) and condor (MRG for RHEL5; MRG
for RHEL6
: privilege escalation).

Scientific Linux has updated SL6:
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated kernel (natty
; oneiric backport: multiple