6.0: The beginning of the end for AV Linux (The H)

Glen MacArthur recently released AV
Linux 6.0
. AV Linux is a popular distribution for audio and video
production. The H reports
that 6.0 will be the final release. "While the project has received positive feedback from users, MacArthur says that version 6.0 will be the final release of AV Linux for a number of reasons, most notably a lack of donations. The distribution is being provided "as-is" and will not be updated and maintained, although the developer notes that tech support will be provided in the project's forums for one year. "Obviously this will be a disappointment to some users, however before you walk away I urge you to try the latest ISO and let it prove it's own worth," said MacArthur, adding that, "people who want to install and create multimedia will not be disappointed... people who live for the next software update will be better served by KXStudio or Dream Studio, both excellent projects in their own right."