The story of Nokia MeeGo (TaskoMuro)

TaskoMuro has a lengthy history of Maemo and MeeGo, translated from the Finnish version at Muropaketti. It looks at the various devices Nokia created, starting with N770 in 2005 and continues through the concept devices that were under development up until Nokia pulled the plug on MeeGo. "The Harmattan UI was originally based on the Activity Theory principle, a frame of reference for studying human behavior and development processes. The goal is to understand society, personality and, most importantly, how these two are connected. The theory was originally developed by the Russian psychologist Vygotsky.
The aim was to utilize information on how people combine tasks and communicate with each other, and thus support these ways of working instead of forcing people to adopt technology-based working models. The system would adapt to the way the user interacts eith it, to ensure reciprocated interaction."
(Thanks to Jussi Saarinen.)