Sunday's kernel releases

On the stable front,
3.4.16, and
3.6.4 are out; each contains another set of
important fixes. They do not include the (in-testing) ext4
corruption fix, but it seems increasingly clear that most users are not
affected by that problem and will not care.

On the development side, Linus has released 3.7-rc3, noting that it's mostly a lot of
small changes in a lot of places. But he has found a new problem to be
concerned about: "And talking about the shortlog: christ people, some of you need to
change your names. I'm used to there being multiple 'David's and
'Peter's etc, but there are three different Linus's in just this rc.
People, people, I want to feel like the unique snowflake I am, not
like just another anonymous guy in a crowd."