Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated kdelibs (C6; C6:
multiple vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated net-snmp (F17; F16:
denial of service), optipng (F17: use after
free), django (F17: information disclosure)
and exim (F16: arbitrary code execution).

Mageia has updated claws-mail
(denial of service) and blender (embedded
code execution).

openSUSE has updated dbus (multiple
vulnerabilities), java-1_7_0-openjdk
(multiple vulnerabilities), libqt4 (CRIME
attack), cgit (oS12.1; oS12.2: code execution) and
java-1_6_0-openjdk (oS12.1; oS11.4: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated thunderbird (OL6:
multiple vulnerabilities) and kdelibs (OL6:
multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated kdelibs (RHEL6; RHEL6
: multiple vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated thunderbird (multiple vulnerabilities), firefox (multiple vulnerabilities), java-1.6.0-sun (SL5: multiple vulnerabilities)
and kdelibs (SL6; SL6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Slackware has updated thunderbird
(multiple vulnerabilities) and seamonkey
(multiple vulnerabilities).