Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

Longtime GNOME hacker Federico Mena-Quintero reflects on the kinds of complaints that occur frequently in and around free software communities. In a sharply worded blog post, complete with animated cat GIFs, he looks at some history, and adds a bit of ranting about complainers, bloggers, journalists, and so on. "We think, "good riddance" when someone threatens to stop using Gnome. (And our next thought is probably, poor people in the next project, who are going to suffer this person soon.)
All of those poisonous people are relatively easy to brush away. The crazies. The slashdot hordes, the peanut gallery. We make names for them — we encapsulate them, give them a name, go up one level of abstraction, take a gulp of Pepto, and move that named entity into a mental /dev/null. But they leave some residue."