Jolla offer a first look at their Sailfish smartphone OS (The Verge)

The Verge takes
a look
at the new Meego-based Sailfish, from the Finnish startup,
Jolla. "There are a few interesting UI concepts detailed in the
video. First, the homescreen itself acts as a multitasking menu: when in an
app you can swipe it away to push it to the homescreen, where it'll act
like a large, interactive widget. The application drawer itself lives
underneath the homescreen and can be accessed with a swipe up, while
notifications are displayed in the upper right. There's an automatic theme
generator called "ambience," which creates a look and feel for your device
by analyzing a photo. Jolla says many Android apps will run "unaltered" via
Myriad's Alien Dalvik software, while others will require some
tweaking." (Thanks to Mats)