Security advisories for Monday

Debian has updated libssh (multiple
vulnerabilities) and libxml2 (code

Fedora has updated kernel (F17:
memory leak), mod_security (F17:
multipart/invalid part ruleset bypass), mod_security_crs (F17: multipart/invalid part
ruleset bypass), sticky-notes (cross-site
scripting), claws-mail (F17; F16: user credential leak) and
claws-mail-plugins (F17; F16: user credential leak).

Mageia has updated weechat (shell
injection), wireshark (multiple
vulnerabilities), libxml2 (code execution)
and lynx (man in the middle attack).

Mandriva has updated libxml2 (code

SUSE has updated java-1_6_0-ibm
(multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated firefox (fixes a
regression in a previous update).