Change of heart: Inkscape starts encouraging paid development (Libre Graphics World)

Libre Graphics World (LGW) has taken
a look
at the newly announced funded-development
adopted by the Inkscape
project. "In a nutshell, if you have a decent track record in
the project, and someone (community, enterprise, government, alien
invaders) is willing to fund your work, you are welcome to get
cracking, provided you reach mutual agreement with the Inkscape Board
that a) the project idea makes sense, b) you really appear to have the
expertise to work on it. You should also be prepared for your
performance to be reviewed." LGW provides some important
background, putting this new policy in the context of previous
paid-development efforts—not only within Inkscape, but in
comparison to other free-software graphics projects like Blender and
Synfig. "Paid development in free/libre software projects is a
complicated topic. Making this actually work involves far more than
setting up a campaign at a crowdfunding platform and banging the drums
to draw attention. And "opening the mind to the possibilities" seems
to be second (more likely, tenth) to actually having human resources
to allocate for organizing it all."