DSA-3042 exuberant-ctags - security update

Stefano Zacchiroli discovered a vulnerability in exuberant-ctags, a tool
to build tag file indexes of source code definitions: Certain JavaScript
files cause ctags to enter an infinite loop until it runs out of disk
space, resulting in denial of service.

Change of heart: Inkscape starts encouraging paid development (Libre Graphics World)

Libre Graphics World (LGW) has taken
a look
at the newly announced funded-development
adopted by the Inkscape

pcDuino SBC adopts i.MX6 Quad, loads up on storage

 LinuxGizmos: LinkSprite unveiled a "pcDuino Acadia 1" SBC that runs Linux or Android on a 1.2GHz Freescale i.MX6 Quad SoC and features eMMC flash and dual microSD slots.

Google Threatened With $100 Million Lawsuit Over Hacked Celebrity Pictures -

eWEEK The impact of the hacked Apple iCloud images spreads to Google, but is the search giant actually responsible?

IBM Expands POWER8 Server Portfolio with Ubuntu Linux

ServerWatch: IBM today is expanding its POWER8 server lineup as part of the company's continuing effort to provide a competitive alternative Intel x86 based server systems.

Object Oriented Linux Kernel With C++ Driver Support

An anonymous reader writes: An effort underway called BOSS-MOOL, the Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux, is designing the Linux kernel with OOP and C++ driver support. Linus Torvalds' opinions on C++ have long been known while developers at the DOS Lab IIT Madras and CDAC Chennai feel redesigning the kernel with object oriented abstractions and C++ driver support will increase maintainability while reducing complexity of the kernel.

Steam Now Has Over 700 Linux Games, What A Milestone!

 GamingOnLinux: I remember the days of old when "Linux has no games!" was a common argument against using it.


Directory traversal vulnerability in SchneiderWEB on Schneider Electric Modicon PLC Ethernet modules 140CPU65x Exec before 5.5, 140NOC78x Exec before 1.62, 140NOE77x Exec before 6.2, BMXNOC0401 before 2.05, BMXNOE0100 before 2.9, BMXNOE0110x Exec before 6.0, TSXETC101 Exec before 2.04, TSXETY4103x Exec before 5.7, TSXETY5103x Exec before 5.9, TSXP57x ETYPort Exec before 5.7, and TSXP57x Ethernet Copro Exec before 5.5 allows remote attackers to visit arbitrary resources via a crafted HTTP request.


The DNP3 feature on Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 1766-Lxxxxx A FRN controllers 7 and earlier and 1400 1766-Lxxxxx B FRN controllers before 15.001 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (process disruption) via malformed packets over (1) an Ethernet network or (2) a serial line.

Calibre 2.5 Released, Shipping Bug Fixes and Three New Features

 tuxarena: Calibre, the document viewer and organizer (also called an e-library), has received another major update

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