How To: booting another Grub from Grub

Chainloading an operating system allows grub to boot an opearating system's boot loader. This is commonly used to boot Windows for instance.

I personnaly use it to be able to have my "production" system's grub on the MBR, and address other distros'grub install on their root partition. The advantage is that kernel updates are real easy to handle. Each testing distro modifying their own grub won't interfere with my main OS bootloader.

Terminator: A multi-view terminal

Terminator gives the possibility of having multiples terminal within the same window.
As such, it makes it easier to handle multiple terminal sessions as for instance, working in one console and monitoring another one without constantly switching from a window to another.
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Linux Test Drive now taking beta users

After a number of years in development Linux Test Drive is becoming a reality, from the page:
LTD is a project that has been in development for the last three years. LTD allows the user to determine which distribution best fits their needs utilizing the Linux Distribution Chooser, and then once that is determined, give the user the ability to "test drive" that distribution directly over the Internet, without the need to download. We are currently taking pre-beta registrations for the LTD system.

How-To: email notification upon available package updates with cron-apt

cron-apt is a tool run by a cron job at regular interval that will check for package updates and optionally do some actions.
cron-apt will by default download the packages without installing them.
This tutorial will explain how to set up cron-apt in order to have it send an email to a specified address when updates are ready to be installed.
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